One of the earliest maps showing the location of each precinct.  Note that the map refers to them as “Districts.”  The Police Department often occupied converted buildings for their precinct houses and it was not until the late 1890’s and early 1900’s that buildings were specifically built as police stations.

The former 10th Precinct, which is now a 3rd District Sub-station, on Park Road is the Police Department’s oldest building in current use; just slightly older than the former 5th Precinct, which is the 1st District Sub-station.

The former 2nd Precinct on New York Avenue, which used to house SOD Traffic Branch, is still being used and is still the SOD Traffic Safety Branch.  It also serves as a reserve cell block for mass arrests.

There are many former precinct houses still standing but that have been converted for another purpose. The former 7th Precinct on Volta Place, N.W., the former 9th Precinct on 9th Street, N.E., the former 6th Precinct on Nicholson Road, N.W. and the former 11th Precinct on Martin Luther King Avenue, S.E. are all still in existence.


The former 12th Precinct, which became Youth Division may still be in service.

The 6th and 11th are pictured below.


Number 6, Precinct 1930

Front of No.11 circa 1940