The cap usually worn by bicycle officers in the early 1900s.

The Oldest Precinct Blotter from 1861-1865, from what was the 3rd Precinct, located on High and Bridge Streets, in Georgetown.

This item pre-dates MPD, and was used as a warning device to summon help.  It is called a “Clacker.”  This item was tagged as having been used in 1857.  If you twirled it there was a wooden piece that would “rattle” as it snapped over the teeth or gear that you can see.   

This is one of our oldest uniform coat that bears the rank insignia of an inspector.  We have another similar uniform coat that I had the Smithsonian pack for us to preserve it.

An early set of manacles Circa 1850

Another set of manacles (Hand-cuffs) possibly from 1890-1900, The key is with them.

This is an earlier set that were(according to the documents found with them) used on Charles Guiteau, the assassin of President James Garfield in 1883. 

Police Manual from about 1915