Attention Active, Retired, Family and Friends of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department,

The purpose of this letter is to update you on the status of the renovation of the unsightly Police Memorial fountain that sits in front of the Daly Building that was built in 1942, and the status of our efforts to design and build a new iconic Police Memorial Wall befitting to all who made the ultimate sacrifice.


The fountain was originally built using congressionally approved donations from the citizens of the city and its business community. From the start, we wanted to renovate the Memorial fountain and build the new wall in the same method, without using government funds.

With the help of our retirees, spouses, and friends, we raised over $150,000. Your generosity allowed us to pay for the costly architectural designs that were presented to and approved by the DC Government and the Commission of Fine Arts. That was huge. The second costly phase of the renovation was recently completed with the engineering due-diligence inspection of the grounds below the fountain. With the due-diligence done, we can now begin phase three, which is the final architectural engineering designs and approvals. Once phase three is completed, we will begin the renovation and construction of the fountain and wall.

We are now at the point where we need to go public to seek additional funding. We will be reaching out to the active, retirees, the public and the business community.


I am extremely pleased to report we now have the financial backing from Mr. Don Graham. Most of you know of Don as the former publisher of The Washington Post, and later as the lead independent director of Facebook’s
Board of Directors. He is the Chairman of Graham Holdings Co., but more importantly to us, Don served as a member of the Metropolitan Police Department assigned to the Ninth Precinct where he walked a beat or rode
in a scout car or patrol wagon. He proudly displays his MPD hat and cap plate in his office. He is proud he was a member of the department. We are too.

Don has committed to seek help from his colleagues in the business community. We committed to raise as much money as possible to demonstrate we care. Between Don, the business community, and from the support of the active, retired members, spouses, and friends of the department. We are told this will cost $4.5 million.  That is a lot of money, but I am confident we can reach our goals.


The quick answer is to donate, donate, donate. All donations help and are tax-deductible, but we need everyone to dig deep and help as best as you can.

Several members have made multiple donations and many have donated a thousand dollars; several much more. Some have asked if they can set up monthly payments?  Yes, payments can be set up monthly.  Some have chosen to set up quarterly payments and others have said they will be making significant donations as soon as they know the project is moving forward. Others have told me they are setting up large donations in their will. These are all great things to do. I can only say now is the time to donate and donate as much as you can. It is paramount we show the public and business community we care; we can only do that via donations to the fund.

Remember our motto: All gave some, but some gave all. We must never forget them.


1. Mailing a check to the Police Federal Credit Union by using this donation form.
2. Contact Pattie Bartholomew at 301-817-1213 at the PFCU to set up monthly donations.
3. Donate HERE.

I urge you to follow our progress on our website. We owe it to those fellow officers who gave their lives to the Nation’s Capital police department.

Please share this with your friends and other law enforcement officers. Thank you for your consideration and time,

Don Blake
Founder & President


See further information in our brochure and design concepts below.