The DC Police Memorial is excited to offer its newest donation thank you gift – a beautiful, bronze statue based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, “Faith & Confidence” by photographer William Beall.  The officer in the photo is Maurice Cullinane, who would serve as Chief of Police for the Washington, DC MPD from 1974 to 1978.

The bronze statue is a GIFT for those who donate at least $250 toward the DC Police Memorial project.

Please read the following before donating:

– We welcome donations of all amounts, but if you select a donation amount less than $250 in the check-out, you do not qualify for the statue.

– If you would like the entire amount of your donation to to go toward the memorial project, please specify in the checkout that you do not want a gift.

– Please include your mailing address in check-out if it is different from your billing address.

– We will gladly post a donation dedication if there is an MPD officer you would like to honor or remember with your donation.  Please include this information in the comment section at checkout.  150 word maximum.

– A PayPal account is NOT necessary to make a donation.  Simply select “Pay by debit or credit card” in the checkout process.

– Statues are made one at a time.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for your statue to be made and shipped.

– Questions? Contact us.

The handcrafted, bronze statue is a gift for donations of $250 or more.

*If you prefer ALL of your donation to go towards the memorial project, please specify in checkout that you don’t want a gift sent to you. 

Flier for Faith & Confidence Statue

You may also order via check by printing this form and sending the form and check to  DC Police Memorial and Museum, c/o DC Police Federal Credit Union, 300 Indiana Ave, NW, Room 4067, Washington, DC 20001

Below is an an excerpt of an article written by the Chief of Police of Anchorage, Alaska a few years back about the Faith & Confidence photograph.  Click the “read more” link to see the entire article.

A Message from Chief Mew:  Faith and Confidence

Posted On: 1/2/2015

The photograph to the right is one of my favorites. My daughter gave me a framed copy of it over the holidays, and today I was proud to hang it in my office. I have thought a lot about this image in the last couple of weeks, and a lot about policing in America as it is presently portrayed.

Contrast this picture with the images we are shown—relentlessly—by the media today. There’s not a lot of “faith and confidence” in the discussion right now. After reflecting on these matters, I was compelled to do something I almost never do: share my personal thoughts and musings publicly. The New Year is a time for reflection—and for new commitments—so here it goes.

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