Fallen Officers From 1975 – 1999

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Washington DC Metropolitan Police History - Honor a Fallen Officer

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has been serving the District of Columbia for more than 160 years.  Until the creation of the MPD by President Abraham Lincoln, the city had only an auxiliary watch with one captain and 15 policemen. President Lincoln personally dispatched an emissary to New York City to become familiar with their system, which had been based on the world-acclaimed Metropolitan London PD.  The knowledge gained from this study led to the creation of the MPD on August 6, 1861.  Over the years, the MPD has grown in size, diversity and expertise.  As the police force for the Nation’s Capital, it has protected the city, its citizens and visitors through many historic events and social changes.  During that time, 124 officers have died in the line of duty.  Honor these Fallen Officers by learning about their stories below.

Fallen Officers – 1975 – 1999

Click each MPDC officer below to see newspaper accounts of the circumstances of their passing. Articles include officers killed in the line of duty, some of them Medal of Valor recipients, and are largely from Washington Post newspaper articles. This information has been compiled to bring attention to our rich police history. The legacy of our officers’ heroism, sacrifice, professionalism and dedication should instill a sense of pride in ball who wear the badge.  We honor these outstanding individuals who will live on as long as they are remembered. It is our duty to remember.

The Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Washington, DC Police Memorial & Museum would like to express its gratitude to Dave Richardson MPD/Ret. for compiling this research.

Michael J. Acri - 1976

End of Watch:  October 16, 1976
Rank: Officer   Badge No. S-645
Age: 39   Years of Service: 13 years
Location of Death: 816 E Street, NE
Duty Assignment: Fifth District
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Bruce W. Wilson - 1977

Bruce WilsonEnd of Watch:  April 26, 1977
Rank: Officer   Badge No.  3835
Age: 27   Years of Service: 5 years
Location of Death: 200 Elmira Street, SW
Duty Assignment: Vice Officer, Seventh District
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Bernis Carr, Jr. - 1978

End of Watch:  February 16, 1978
Rank: Officer   Badge No.  551
Age: 31   Years of Service: 11 years
Location of Death: 4801 Georgia Ave, NW
Duty Assignment: First District
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Richard F. Giguere - 1979

Richard F. GiguereEnd of Watch:  June 6, 1979
Rank: Officer   Badge No 2638
Age: 38   Years of Service: 9
Location of Death: 700 Yuma Street, NE
Duty Assignment: Helicopter Branch, SOD
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Alfred V. Jackson - 1979

End of Watch:  June 6, 1979
Rank: Officer   Badge No.  3994
Age: 34   Years of Service: 8 years
Location of Death: 700 Yuma Street, NE
Duty Assignment: Helicopter Branch, SOD
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Arthur P. Snyder - 1980

End of Watch:  February 12, 1980
Rank: Officer Badge No. 265
Age: 31  Years of Service: 4 years
Location of Death:  14th and U Streets, NW
Duty Assignment: Third District
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Robert K. Best - 1982

End of Watch:  December 15, 1982
Rank: Officer Badge No. 1779
Age: 24  Years of Service: 1 year
Location of Death:  Branch Avenue, Suitland, MD
Duty Assignment: Seventh District
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Donald G. Luning - 1982

End of Watch:  Setpember 14, 1982
Rank: Officer Badge No. 661
Age: 31  Years of Service: 1 year
Location of Death:  3700 Hayes Street, NE
Duty Assignment: Sixth District
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Raymond E. Mumford - 1983

End of Watch:  March 11, 1983
Rank: Officer Badge No. 3038
Age: 39  Years of Service: 13 years
Location of Death:  3700 Hayes Street, NE
Duty Assignment: Sixth District
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Joseph M. Cournoyer - 1985

End of Watch: January 29, 1985
Rank: Officer Badge No. S-240
Age: 30  Years of Service: 6 years
Location of Death:  Minnesota Avenue Metro Platform
Duty Assignment: Sixth District
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Kevin Welsh - 1986

End of Watch: August 4, 1986
Rank: Officer Badge No. 3837
Age: 34  Years of Service: 7 years
Location of Death:  11Street Bridge, SE
Duty Assignment: Emergency Response Team, SOD
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Robert Remington - 1987

End of Watch: May 19, 1987
Rank: Officer Badge No. 2780
Age: 39  Years of Service: 18 years
Location of Death:  1517 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Duty Assignment: Second District
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James L. Gordon - 1987

End of Watch: December 14, 1987
Rank: Officer Badge No. N/A
Age: 43  Years of Service: 18 years
Location of Death:  Prince George’s County, Maryland
Duty Assignment: N/A
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Ernest C. Ricks, III - 1989

End of Watch: May 17, 1989
Rank: Officer Badge No. 2479
Age: 32  Years of Service: 6 months
Location of Death: Metropolitan Police Academy
Duty Assignment: Training Academy
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Jason E. White - 1993

End of Watch: December 30, 1993
Rank: Officer, Badge No.  3887
Age: 25  Years of Service: 4 years
Location of Death: 200 14th Street, SE
Duty Assignment: First District
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Henry J. Daly - 1994

Henry J. Daly
End of Watch: November 22, 1994
Rank: Sergeant  Badge No. ___
Age: 51
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James McGee, Jr. - 1995

James McGee, Jr.
End of Watch: February 7, 1995
Rank: Officer No. ___
Age: 26
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Scott S. Lewis - 1995

Scott S. Lewis
End of Watch: October 6, 1995
Rank: Officer No. ___
Age: 28
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Anthony W. Simms - 1996

Anthony W. Simms
End of Watch: June 3, 1996
Rank: Detective Badge No. ___
Age: 35
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Brian T. Gibson - 1997

Brian T. Gibson
End of Watch: February 5, 1997
Rank: Officer Badge No.____
Age: 28
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Oliver W. Smith - 1997

Oliver W. Smith
End of Watch: February 26, 1997
Rank: Officer Badge No. ___
Age: 27
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Robert L. Johnson, Jr. - 1997

Robert L. Johnson, Jr.
End of Watch: April 27, 1997
Rank: Officer Badge No. ___
Age: 31
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Thomas F. Hamlette, Jr. - 1998

Thomas F. Hamlette, Jr.
End of Watch: July 18, 1998
Rank: Officer Badge No. ___
Age: 24
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Rest easy, sleep well my brother.   Know the blue line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.  Others have taken up where you fell.  The blue line has held.
Peace, peace and farewell….

— Author unknown.

(“blue” added to the original)

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