Richard “Dick” Mansfield, who served for 32 years and rose through the ranks of MPD, gained notoriety by drawing cartoons and pictures.  Inspector Mansfield was quite an artist and had some of his cartoons, which related to police work, published in several magazines and periodicals.  In the featured photo, Inspector Mansfield is showing one of his cartoons that was published in the Saturday Evening Post, of Norman Rockwell fame.   He served from the 1930’s through the mid-1960’s.

Inspector Mansfield give school children “Chalk Talks” about safety and would do individual drawings for the them.  There are still a few Washingtonian’s who have kept their prized Mansfield’s and remember Inspector Mansfield fondly.


Here is one of his cartoons of a day dreaming policeman at the call box as he ponders his future or wonders if the call may be from the chief.