Death of the Policeman Who Was Stabbed by His Neighbor


Story of the Prelude to the Affray Told by the Officer’s Wife


The Weapon Used by Charles H. Myers, Who Is Said to Have Had an Old Grudge Against His Victim–Tho Assailant Badly Battered.

Junius B. Slack, the policeman who was severely cut by his neighbor, Charles H. Myers, Wednesday night, died at 2 o’clock this morning. His wound was much more serious than it was at first thought to be. Myers used a butcher knife, the blade of which was nearly twelve inches long. Dr. J. Ford Thompson, by request of Maj. Moore, called at the Slack residence yesterday afternoon, and made an examination of the wound. He pronounced it a most serious one, but said that he did not think it necessarily fatal.

The police surgeons, Drs. McKim and Strickien, who had the case in charge, said they feared that the knife had pierced the lungs, in which event they did not think the officer could recover.

When a reporter called at the Slack residence in the evening he found a placard on the front door worded “No admittance, by order of the doctors.” He went to the rear of the house and was admitted by Mrs. Slack, who conducted him to the middle room, where the wounded officer lay. Mr. Slack was bolstered up with pillows, and he seemed to be unconscious. His breathing was irregular, coming in deep and labored gasps.

Mrs. Slack said her husband had been stabbed by Myers in the street in front of their residence.

“Mr. Slack, said she, came home as usual a little after 12 o’clock and rode to the stable to put up his horse. Meyers, who stable adjoins ours, had also just come in with his wagon and was unhitching his horse. He was considerably under the influence of liquor and used very violent language. He knew, I think, that my husband was in the stable and his language was directed against him.

“Mr. Slack, after putting his horse in his stall and bedding him, came into the house and said: “If I am spared until morning, I intend to obtain a warrant for Myers. Myers continued to curse my husband in a loud voice. Mr. Slack became angry, and said to me, “I believe I’ll run Myers in to-night and end the matter.”

“I tried to persuade him to wait till morning, but without success. He went out and I saw nothing of what occurred between them. I heard my husband cry out,”Maria, he has stabbed me; blow the whistle.” I blew the whistle, at the same time running to the front of the house, where I saw my husband and Myers wrestling in the street.

Two officers heard the whistle and came running up. They separated my husband and Mr. Myers. Myers was taken into custody by the officers and Mr. Slack stepped into our front yard. Dr. Strickien was summoned and dressed my husband’s wound, which was in his left side, just below the heart. The thrust was evidently a glancing one, and the cut made a ragged wound.”

Myers, it is claimed, had a grudge against Slack for several months, because Slack was instrumental in having Myers son arrested. Each had been on the lookout for the other for some time past, and Myers upon several occasions attempted to provoke a fight. Slack had at all times, it is stated, avoided Myers, not wishing to quarrel with him. Myers, it is said, has been drinking hard of late, and has caused his neighbors considerable annoyance. He has been particularly outspoken in regard to Slack, and has been known to make threats that he would “do up” that officer.

Myers was quite severely injured in the fracas. His left arm was broken near the wrist, and his head was badly battered. His wounds were dressed at the Emergency Hospital by Drs. Hall and Atkinson, and he was returned to the Ninth precinct station. He was brought before Judge Miller yesterday, where he was confronted with a warrant sworn out by Policeman Warnell, charging him with attempted murder. Judge Miller refused to accept bail, and Myers was committed to jail to await the result of Slack’s injuries.