Historical Photos Gallery – DC Police Historical Photos

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has been serving the District of Columbia for over 150 years. Over the years, the MPD has grown in size. It has also seen a growth in diversity. The department has grown so much over the years.The Washington DC police history goes far back to the 1700s. We have a vast archive of DC Police Historical Photos below.

The MPD was officiated in 1802. this is when the original charter for Washington was approved. This is when police authority was centralized and power was granted to the city itself. They established patrols and imposed fines. Until the creation of the Metropolitan Police Department in 1861, the city had only an auxiliary watch with one captain and 15 policemen.

The Metropolitan Police Memorial Fountain that currently sits in front of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department, located at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, now known as the Henry J. Daly Building, was authorized by an Act of Congress on April 22, 1940, under HR 8792. That Act directed the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to accept and maintain a memorial fountain to the members of the Metropolitan Police Department. HR 8792 was later incorporated into § 5-1301 of the DC Code, entitled, “Memorial fountain to members of Metropolitan Police Department.” The facts surrounding how and why the Metropolitan Police Department Memorial Fountain came about is a tragic, but amazing, story.

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