In 2011, Retired Lieutenant Donald Blake put forth the idea that the memorial fountain that has sat in front of Police Headquarters since 1942, be repaired and made into a better memorial.

He was motivated by not only creating a fitting memorial for those who had given their lives in the service of the city, but by the sad and uninviting condition of the memorial fountain as it was.

It was an eyesore that was only turned on once a year for a memorial ceremony and filled with a product to turn the water blue to look more appealing.  The location of the fountain is in front of the the Metropolitan Washington DC Police Department and near the pristinely maintained National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall.

Don and his wife Terry felt strongly that our pathetic and crumbling memorial was an embarrassment and something needed to be done.

After a few bumps, a memorial project committee was formed, but not without careful guidance and advice from Tom Gallagher, who has experience in project management.  After identifying the appropriate stake holders, a board was established with the blessing of the Metropolitan Washington DC Police Department (MPD).

That board continues, has secured a site, and is currently underway trying to raise enough donations to begin work on the project.

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