police history items - bicycle patrolman's hat from 1800sWalking to the Beat of MPD Police History

Throughout its 160 year history, the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has protected the nation’s capital. This is the seat of our democracy – as well as the citizens who live within its boundaries and the many visitors who come here each year. Read on and learn more about MPD Police History,

The MPD is one of the oldest police departments in the country. They were established by President Abraham Lincoln, the MPD has a rich and unique history.

police history items - bicycle patrolman's hat from 1800sMPD Police History

We’d like to share that police history with all of you to ensure that the officers of the MPD and their service to the city is not forgotten.  The DC Metropolitan Police Memorial & Museum has been gathering historical items for a long time.

Along with our mission to renovate the MPD memorial fountain and build a memorial wall, we are also planning to build a museum to showcase these historical police artifacts.

In the meantime, we bring you a glimpse at just a few of the items in the collection and their historial signifance.

Our host is Nick Breul, board member of the Memorial & Museum project and a retired Lieutenant of the MPD.

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