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The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization intended to honor the fallen heroes of the Metropolitan Police Department and to establish an MPD Police Museum to preserve their legacy and the rich and unique history of policing in the Nation’s Capital.

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MPD Chief Robert Contee and board member Patrick Burke saluting fallen officers

A Long Overdue Honor of a Fallen Officer from 1874

On October 4, 2021, Robert Fleet joined the list of fallen officers of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department and was honored at the 42nd Annual Washington Area Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service.  The service was held at the...
Faith and Confidence Statue

Faith & Confidence Statue Donation Gift

The DC Police Memorial is excited to offer its newest donation thank you gift – a beautiful, bronze statue based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, “Faith & Confidence” by photographer William Beall.

Bob Arscott and Sting Operation team

The Sting Operation and its DC Police Origins

Anyone familiar with law enforcement knows about Sting Operations – coordinated, deceptive campaigns to catch a person or persons committing a crime. They had their origin in the 1970s under the direction of Bob Arscott, a DC police Detective Lieutenant….

124 Officers in the Line of Duty

Since established in 1861, the Washington, DC MPD has lost 124 police officers while serving in the line of duty.  To appropriately honor these fallen colleagues, the DC Police Memorial and Museum Board invites you to join us in renovating the current dilapidated memorial and creating a new Memorial Wall. Take a moment to see our vision and become a supporter.

DC Metropolitan Police Museum

President Abraham Lincoln founded the DC MPD in 1861, a time of constant danger in the Nation’s Capital.  Lincoln authorized a police force of 10 sergeants and up to 150 patrolmen.  Since then, the police department has had a rich, interesting and unique history and we intend to create a museum to promote and preserve this history.

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The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization intended to honor the fallen heroes of the Metropolitan Police Department. We are raising funds for this important work and invite you to join us so these officers and their families are not forgotten. Keep up with news, events and more by following us on Facebook and staying updated.

Fallen Heroes

Sergeant Mark Eckenrode

End of Watch: April 6, 2020
Age: 54

Sergeant Mark Eckenrode is remembered as a devoted DC police officer and veteran of the US Navy who earned many commendations over a career that spanned 23 years. He passed away after suffering a medical emergency while on duty.

Senior Officer Keith Williams, Sr.

End of Watch: June 4, 2020
Age: 53

Williams was a 31-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department. His last assignment was with the MPD’s School Safety Division.  He passed away from COVID-19 complications and is survived by his wife, four children and granddaughter.

Next Steps

We have our design. We have the cost estimates. Our next steps are to partner with a major marketing company and our business partners, city leaders, active and retired members of the department and, most importantly, the citizens of the city.

We are confident that, just as in 1918, when the business community and the citizens of the District of Columbia raised the necessary funds to build the existing memorial, they will rally behind us again and the department to renovate and build a new Memorial Wall and support the Museum to ensure we do not lose our cherished history.

Rest easy, sleep well my brother.
Know the blue line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell. The blue line has held.
Peace, peace and farewell.
— Author unknown.
(“BLUE” added to the original)

Core Supporters

Sadly, an average of one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the U.S. every 57 hours.  More than 22,000 U.S. law enforcement officers have made the ultimate sacrifice since 1791 (source).

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Donations in Memory or Honor

$100 donation in memory of:

Sergeant Michael F. McGuigan, MPDC

Hugh Carew, NC

Donation in memory of:

William R. Shelton who served the MPD during the 1950s and 1960s and retired as a Capt. assigned to the U.S. Capitol. As a Sgt., he was assigned to the auto squad.  His father, William Franklin Shelton, grandfather Benjamin Franklin Shelton, great grandfather Wm Gales Shelton also served with the MPD. Two sons, Franklin Shelton and Charles Shelton served with the U.S. Capitol Police.

Franklin C. Shelton

$200 donation in honor of:

James Lawrence McCann who served the MPD in the 1950s

L.A. Mueller