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We are very excited to feature the work of  eminent influencer of arts and culture Aleksandra Kokotović!

April 14th to April 23rd

Excitingly, Kokotović will be appearing in person on Saturday April 15th from 6-8pm and Sunday April 16th from 1-3pm. 

Aleksandra Kokotović is a multimedia contemporary artist of worldwide acclaim.

Passionate and multitalented since her youth, Kokotović’s drive to create and express was cultivated in her childhood and extended its scope as she grew. She was born in Sarajevo, the cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has lived in three different continents; this exploratory life broadened her perception and influenced her artistic approach. Forever at the center of her ideology stands the belief that there is nothing more precious than a human encounter. In order to preserve the cultures and diversity that are so dear to her, Aleksandra also takes direct action in lessoning our planet’s environmental burden with her advocacy for the conservation of energy. Her metal sculptures are made from the only metallurgical factory in the world with a Green certificate.

She has organized and participated in 45 solo exhibitions and 80 group exhibitions and represented Bosnia in an international women’s art competition held in Dubai. Her work can be experienced in multiple ways, such as paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings, performances and installations. Using these many different mediums, Kokotović establishes her agenda: to induce the viewer into rethinking their worldview via a visual dichotomy, crafting meaningful comparisons between the sentiments of modernity versus those of tradition and times past. Elements, essence, and the materialization of the spiritual are visualized in these abstract landscapes that stretch far and wide across Kokotović’s large-format canvases. Use of spacial awareness, geometric architecture, and a simulated global curve create a feeling of vastness and omniscience in her work. She plays the role of an avid observer to humanities’ truths, wielding three characteristic themes: the reevaluation of civilizational heritage, eco-consciousness, and spiritual values. To achieve an accurate representation of these themes, she combines industrial iconography such as satellite imagery and coordinates with a general pastel tonality, but adds a bustling, sporadic quality with her short and quick brush strokes. Collectively, the achievements of human civilization and the inexhaustible inspiration they supply are addressed in her intimate and humane body of work.

All receptions are complimentary and open to the public in Jacksonville’s premier contemporary art space;

RSVPs are highly recommended at or 904.345.9320.